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The other day, I was in a hurry to get somewhere, and there was this annoying tiny stone in my shoe. I kept going, believing it was more important to ‘get there on time’ only to end up with a sore foot and a hole in my sock.

Have you ever felt like there’s a persistent discomfort, a nagging feeling slowing your progress towards what you want to achieve? Blocking your happiness?

Maybe that’s the metaphorical ‘stone in your shoe’ – the subtle yet significant obstacles that hold us back from achieving fully what we’re truly capable of – with flow and ease.

I work in the world of leadership and personal development and notice that we often overlook these metaphorical stones. They may manifest as stress, limiting beliefs, fear of failure, fear of change, self-doubt, kidding ourselves that this is ‘OK’, the uncertainty of what lies ahead, or simply staying in our routines and comfort zones. But here’s the truth: until we address them, they’ll continue to impede our progress … and cause pain.

Picture this: you’re walking towards your goals, each step heavier or more difficult than it should be. That discomfort? It’s not just physical; it’s the weight of indecision, self-doubt, unfulfilled dreams, unrealised potential.

So, here’s the good news: you have the power to remove that stone!

So, what’s stopping you?

Imagine for a moment a life without that constant discomfort, without the burden of that stone. Picture a path where each step is light and free, confident, purposeful and aligned with your true self.

As a leadership mindset expert, I’ve seen countless individuals shift their minds and transform their lives by dealing with those metaphorical stones.

It starts with slowing down, to be aware that It. Is. Just. A. Stone.

(And, as I always say – acknowledging yourself – that you have your shoes on and you are on a path – or there would be no stone!)

Then, choosing to remove it. (Sure, sometimes we need a bit of help with that step…)

Now, I challenge you to identify that metaphorical stone in your shoe.
What’s holding you back from change and stepping into your power, your greatness?

Ready to get rid of those obstacles?

Reach out to me to explore how we can turn those painful stones into stepping stones!

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