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It’s February – Are You on Track with Your 2022 Goals?

Have you encountered any obstacles or blocks?
Any internal resistance?
Self doubt?
Waning motivation?
Overwhelmed with everything else on your plate?

Here are some ideas for you to re-enliven that goal of yours:

1. Rewrite your goal – state it as you want it, as if you were telling someone after you got it (e.g., it is December and I completed project XY)

2. Make sure it is YOUR goal for YOU
(Not for your spouse, not for your boss, not for your kids)

3. Be specific about what the outcome looks like, how it feels to have it, what are you saying to yourself when you’ve got it?
(Really have fun imaging the movie of achieving it, including the celebration!!)

4. Why is it important to you to achieve it?
Why else?
Why else?
Why else?

5. Understand the consequences of achieving it – what are the trade offs, does it impact others in your sphere of influence?

6. What are all the possible options and actions you could take to get it? (Remember – 3 or more is options, anything less is a dilemma or no option!)

7. What is the last thing that has to happen so you know “Yes – I did it!”? (Make it something tangible… e.g., Agreement signed, money in the bank..)

8. What is the first action step you have to take right now… momentum has energy behind it!

9. Start now – Do it!

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