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Asking the right questions can be a powerful tool for leaders looking to influence and inspire those around them.

While many of us may associate questioning with collecting data and facts, the true value lies in how questions help individuals engage their brain, understand their own wants and needs, and foster growth, innovative solutions and engagement.

To effectively use questions for influence, I find that it’s important to start with your own mindset.

Approaching questioning with unconditional positive regard, curiosity, humility, and a non-judgmental attitude helps build rapport and encourages open and honest communication.

As a leader, when asking questions, it’s often crucial to go beyond surface-level inquiries and dig deeper.

Here are some tips for using questions for influence:

– Ask open-ended questions: Open-ended questions encourage people to think deeply and share their thoughts and ideas in more detail. They also allow for a wider range of possible answers, which can lead to new insights and perspectives.

– Ask probing questions: Probing questions help to uncover underlying issues or motivations. This can lead to a deeper understanding of a situation or problem. These types of questions can also help to uncover potential solutions or opportunities that may not have been apparent before.

– Ask reflective questions: Reflective questions encourage people to think about their own thought processes and behaviours. They can be particularly effective in helping people to identify areas for growth or improvement. They can inspire action and change.

– Ask empowering questions: Empowering questions focus on strengths and possibilities rather than weaknesses and limitations. They can help to build confidence, motivation and inspire people to take action towards their goals.

By asking the right questions, leaders can influence and inspire those around them, and create a culture of growth and innovation.

So next time you’re faced with a leadership challenge, experiment with asking a few thought-provoking questions and see where it takes you!

Contact me if you’d like support to expand your leadership skills for even more influence and impact!

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