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Delegate for Leadership Success!

Do you experience:
·       Not enough time
·       Overwhelm – some days verging on burnout
·       Frustration with your team seeming stagnated or disengaged
·       Unexpected surprises revealing your blind spots
·       Never finishing the ‘to do’ list, let alone addressing your ideas and goals?

I hear you!

As leaders, we’re often tempted to ask ourselves, “How can I get this done?”
We’re trying to find more time, get more done and achieve personal balance.
Maybe the key lies in asking a different question: “Who can get this done for me?”

As Dan Sullivan says, look at adopting the “Who Not How” principle into your approach – delegating for increased personal and professional effectiveness.

Some benefits of delegating include:

·       More Time: By adopting the “Who Not How” mindset, we liberate ourselves from the constraints of trying to do everything alone. Instead of focusing on the “how,” we identify the right individuals – the “whos” – who possess the skills and capabilities to execute tasks more efficiently and effectively. By entrusting tasks to capable team members, you reclaim invaluable time to invest in strategic endeavours, driving productivity and growth.

·       Team Empowerment & Skill Development: Delegation becomes a catalyst for talent development when we prioritise “who” over “how.” By assigning tasks based on individuals’ strengths and growth areas, we provide opportunities for skill enhancement and professional advancement, fostering a culture of collaboration, trust, and shared ownership, driving engagement, innovation and nurturing a pipeline of empowered leaders within our organisations.

·       Profit Maximisation: By leveraging the expertise of others, you streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and unlock new revenue streams, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

·       Strategic Focus: By leveraging the “Who Not How” principle, we elevate our ability to strategically allocate our time and resources. Rather than getting bogged down in the minutiae of execution, we focus our energy on setting clear objectives, guiding our teams, and steering the ship toward our long-term vision.

·       Stress Reduction & Personal Fulfillment: By letting go of the need to control every aspect of a task or project, we mitigate overwhelm and preserve our well-being. That enables a more balanced, fulfilling leadership experience.

Consider delegation as a personal and professional strategic imperative.

When you think “how am I going to do this?” ask the next question: “who could do this?”

I’m looking forward to discussing delegation further tomorrow with BRENT SZALAY (FCPA) and Talya Faigenbaum in the LIV Leaders in Practice – Delegation Unveiled: A dynamic panel discussion.

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