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I was thinking recently about how Following Your Heart is one of the foundational pillars for Healthy Leadership.

I’ve found in my own life, and in my work with leaders, that while we talk about overcoming inner personal barriers to “success” … what we’re looking for, and discover is, an understanding those unconscious beliefs, assumptions and patterns that are holding us back from following our heart’s desire.
Following the dream.
Feeling fulfilled.

I was reminded of a powerful scene from “Up in the Air” by my colleague Deb Hann. George Clooney’s character asks, “How much did they first pay you to give up on your dream?” The answer: $27,000. It resonates deeply, doesn’t it?

I’ve observed that leaders who connect with their passions and genuine interests are not only more fulfilled but also inspire their teams effectively. When you follow your heart in your professional pursuits, you lead with authenticity and purpose.

Authenticity breeds Trust.

Furthermore, following your heart equips you with unparalleled resilience. Especially when the inevitable challenges and storms arise. Your conviction becomes your driving force. It propels you to overcome obstacles, learn from failures, and emerge stronger and wiser. It enables you to be the lighthouse in the storm.

Leaders who follow their hearts also inspire those around them. You serve as a beacon of hope and encouragement for your colleagues, clients, and teams. Your truth gives others the courage to be genuine in their own pursuits. And just by the way, that passion then fuels creativity and innovation.

Remember, following your heart doesn’t mean the absence of logic or strategy; it’s about integrating your deepest passions and values into your professional journey. It’s about marrying the mind and the heart, leading with both wisdom and compassion.

So, take a moment to pause and reflect. (It only takes a moment)

How can you tap into the power and wisdom of your heart? Let your heart guide you. ❤️

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