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If you want to change
If you want to learn and grow
If you’d like to feel more successful and accomplished
Even if you just want to see some progress…

You must go to the edge of your comfort zone and take a step out, beyond the edges…

First of all, acknowledge yourself – you’re aware of where you are now and somethings got to change … And it’s normal to tend to hashtag#procrastinate on moving beyond the world you know how to manage and deal with. It’s predictable, there’s certainty and a feeling of safety.

How to move gently and gradually expand your comfort zone?
Start by being aware it will take both a change in your hashtag#mindset
It will take some hashtag#action.

1. Know where you are know – find your ‘boundary’
2. Decide on a goal – what do you want to aim for? (Start with a small thing that you always wanted to do, but kept putting off…)
3. Make a plan
4. What is the first step?
5. Be aware of your emotions – get some help on mastering them, if need be!
6. Develop a growth mindset – get some help on this too!
7. Surround yourself with like-minded supportive people.
8. Learn and adjust as you go…
9. Keep going!

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