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What Happens when you Hold Yourself Accountable?
(Hint: Great Leaders do this)

It’s knowing you are in control of your thoughts, your emotions, your mindset, your work, your experience of life.

As Gary Vee says: ‘Lack of accountability is a cause of unhappiness’ … so maybe that means #accountability gives you #happiness ?

It means you take ownership of the conditions or circumstances that are happening around you, that you find yourself in. You can see past the circumstance itself, and accept responsibility for the outcome, whether positive or negative.

If means you do not blame others. You do not blame the boss. You do not blame the economy. You do not blame the government etc…

When we take personal accountability for our lives, life is so much better. You are empowered. You can decide or choose what you eat, what you watch, what you post, what you believe, who you surround yourself with, which apps you keep on your phone, whether you exercise or not, what actions you take.

And remember, the actions you take give you your results.

So experience freedom and empowerment by choosing to take accountability for what you think – your inner world – and what you do in your outer world.

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