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“It often takes a crisis to break through our usual model of the world. A crisis is a gift, an opportunity, and perhaps a manifestation that life loves us… by beckoning us to go beyond the dance we presently perform”

The crisis might be personal or professional, but as a leader, you still have to show up.

Often my clients love their leadership role until the xxxx hits the fan!

Fortunately, true crises are rare – although set backs and troubles are not that infrequent.

The good thing (platitude ahead) is that you must be at least on the road if you hit an obstacle!

Here are some tips for expanding your leadership ability to sail through the storm of a crisis:

1. Anticipate – predict what lies ahead and what you’d do about it if it happened – develop a risk management plan

2. Navigate – course correcting in real time – be adaptable – take the next step, even if its a pause to gather more information about the situation and see alternatives

3. Communicate – continually

4. Communicate – continually. Repeat.

5. Listen – including to what you don’t want to hear

6. Learn – evaluate, debrief, learn from experience to apply in the future.

It can be easy to be a leader when it’s smooth sailing. When a storm comes, people will look to your leadership – or they may jump ship.

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