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I believe that prioritising Relationships before Results is pivotal for effective leadership.

As a coach working with leaders around the world, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of strong connections.

By fostering meaningful relationships, leaders create an environment of trust, collaboration, open, safe communication and shared purpose.

Also, when we invest in our team’s well-being, the results naturally follow. Let’s embrace this principle to drive not only success but also holistic growth.

Here are 3 practical tips to nurture healthy relationships, even in the midst of a really busy schedule:

1. Scheduled Connection Time: Integrate regular check-ins into your routine. These brief moments offer the opportunity for open dialogue, addressing challenges, and celebrating successes. Whether it’s a brief catch-up or a more in-depth discussion, this time sends a clear signal that you truly value your relationships. Consistency demonstrates your commitment to their growth.

2. Active Listening: Amid your demanding role, allocate dedicated time to listen attentively and deeply. This can be a game-changer! (Think about it – how do you feel when someone really listens to you?) Show genuine interest in others’ thoughts, concerns and ideas. By truly understanding their perspectives and concerns, you build a foundation of empathy and respect.

3. Gratitude and Recognition: Expressing appreciation goes a long way, and I know, busy schedules can sometimes have you being pulled in all directions and distract us from slowing down to do this. Acknowledge people’s efforts and achievements openly, both privately and publicly. This fosters a positive environment and reinforces the value you place on their contributions.

Relationships before Results isn’t just a catchphrase – it’s a principle that ultimately leads to exceptional outcomes and amplifies your leadership impact!

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