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OK, OK you say, so I know I should take #responsibility for my own life – my work, my health, my relationships, my balance… but how do I actually do it?

Life Happens. Although we can’t control all the circumstances that occur, we absolutely can have agency for how we respond, how we feel and the quality of our experienced life.

Here are some thoughts to start with:

1. Take some time to reflect and increase your self-awareness. Just a few minutes a day, think about your thoughts, be aware how they make you feel and what they make you do or not do… and what does that get for you?

2. Change your self talk so that it is helpful! Stop negative self talk and ruminating questions (especially “why me” questions). Ask yourself “What …” or “How…” questions instead. Talk to yourself as if you were a 5 year old child…

3. Beware of excuses. Think about it. They put you in a powerless place… Go back to no.2…

4. Stop blaming. Similar to above.

5. Beware of mind-reading and assuming others’ intentions. Unless they tell you, you. do. not. know.

6. Prioritise yourself. Put your own oxygen mask on first. Know exactly what this means for you and how much time you need to do it each day. And just do it.

If you would like help getting #clarity, with real #change, with feeling even more #empowered in your life, connect with me!

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