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The event that would ABSOLUTELY…transform your life!! Ready to hear it? Ok let’s go…

Can you remember a time when you used to dream of how you’d like to live your life? And have you since found yourself trapped by limitations, unsure of how to go forward – almost like a spectator in your own life?

Then it’s time to stop living in the past, enjoy now & look forward to a successful future.

In just two days, the Step into Your POWER Breakthrough Weekend will give you the skills you need to get yourself back on track & start living again.

Synapse Coaching is partnering with Soul Anchorage to deliver the Step into Your POWER Breakthrough Weekend.

Over this weekend you will:

• Get back in touch with the life of your dreams
• Stop negative emotions that keep you from having what you want
• Let go of sadness, so that your joy for living can shine through
• Dissolve anger for greater personal control & well-being
• Eliminate the destructive power of guilt
• Move from fear into personal power
• And so much more!

This event will be delivered LIVE only.

Does this seem like an event you might be interested in?

If yes then comment “Tell me more!” or Contact Me and we will schedule a FREE chat with one of our training consultants to discuss if this is the right fit for you!

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