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How Does Time Make You Feel?

In their book, The Time Paradox, Phil Zimbardo & John Boyd describe some fascinating research-based concepts about time.

They say, The Time Paradox is not a single paradox but a series of paradoxes that shape our lives and our destinies.

For example:
Time is one of the most powerful influences on our thoughts, feelings, and actions, yet we are usually totally unaware of the effect of time in our lives.

I have been intrigued about time for decades… I always felt like I didn’t have enough time… and I was sooo frustrated when people were late to an appointment or meeting… or I became quite anxious and overwhelmed feeling that I didn’t have enough time…

Now I have learned more about how we each code, store and manage time…

Now I can create my own experience of time.

It’s a lot of fun!!
Do you want to know more?

Message me for coaching and workshop options where you can discover your personal time line and how to redesign it!

In addition, Genevieve Lai and I will run an online workshop on February 12 & 13 where we will take you through some time line exercises for getting rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs from your past time line and linking your goal outcomes to the future!

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