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What is A Goal?

Here’s a useful definition: “An aim or an end in Mind”
So Aim relates to direction and End relates to outcome.

What about SMART Goals…

Most of us have heard of them. Some of us have ‘had to’ develop SMART goals for our annual work goal-setting process.

History: Did you know that the SMART Goals acronym was first published in “Management Review” as set of criteria for managers to set better goals within organizations and was supposedly created by George T. Doran who wrote a paper: There’s a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management’s goals and objectives. In this paper he discussed the challenges of documenting goals and objectives for management within organizations.

He believed it was the Goal combined with the Action Plan that was most important.

Actually, SMART Goals are great for personal goals too…

So the classic way we have come to know what each of the letters stands for is:

Other Criteria could be:
S – Simple
M – Meaningful to you
A – As if Now, All areas of your life, Assignable, Achievable, Attainable, Agreed, Action-oriented, Ambitious, Aligned (with corporate goals).
R – Responsible, Relevant, Resourced, Reasonable, Results-based.
T – Toward what you want, Time-related, Time-limited, Time-based, Time-oriented, Timely, Time-sensitive.

Take some time to set at least ONE SMART Goal for yourself now.
Commit to it.
Read it every day.
It works.

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