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How to Stop Worrying!

I have a confession to make…
I used to ALWAYS worry… I was always anxious… people used to say to me, oh – you’re so skinny and I said: that’s because “I’m a Worrier”
So I even believed it was part of my identity!

Then, I learned what worry really meant and even how to stop worrying!
Just recently, some life stuff happened and I started worrying again!!!

Did you know that anxiety and worry are only about what we think might happen in the future?
Think about it, can you be anxious about anything that has happened in the past?
And think about it… has the future happened yet?

One of the most common topics that my clients want help with is worry and anxiousness, sometimes even panic. Fear of the future, all of the ‘what ifs’.

There are lots of easy strategies you can use to beat worry, including just being aware that it’s a normal human emotion. And it’s a sign that we’re focusing on what we don’t want to happen in the future. What might go wrong.

So sometimes, by just being aware that our brain has taken us there, and since we cannot really know the future outcome, we could say to ourselves:
“Oh, I’m focusing on what I don’t want… how can I focus on what I do want instead?”

OK, you say, but there is a good chance that what I worry about will actually happen.
Sure. That’s a possibility.
Even I had to be reminded by my partner to get out the classic book, first published in 1953, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie.

Here are just a few of his time-tested strategies, to cultivate inner peace amidst life’s challenges.

Live in Day-Tight Compartments: focus on the present without carrying the burdens of yesterday or the anxieties of tomorrow. Direct your energy towards making today fulfilling and productive, which alleviates the weight of past regrets and future uncertainties.

Find the Silver Lining: Adopt a positive outlook by seeking opportunities for growth and learning in every situation. Cultivate gratitude for what’s good in your life, appreciating the abundance that surrounds you.

Face the Worst-Case Scenario: Confront your fears head-on by addressing the worst-case scenario and devising a plan to mitigate it. (I’m really good at this… having worked in risk management for nearly 20 years!) By preparing for potential challenges, you empower yourself to face the @#$% with resilience and confidence.

Take Action to Solve Problems: Rather than ruminating on problems, take proactive steps towards finding solutions. Break down tasks into manageable steps and tackle them systematically, reclaiming control over your circumstances.

I have plenty more practical tools and processes that can help you kick the worry out of your life quickly. Thank  goodness I remembered them… life stuff still happens, and you can feel empowered, calm, and have peace of mind.

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