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Do You Want More Energy?

What Do You Need to Let Go Of?

All reptiles shed their skin as they grow, and they continue to shed periodically through out life.

The shedding differs from species to species, the environmental conditions, their nutritional status and their growth rate.

Normal shedding is an important process for growth.

What can you shed to free up your energy, your vitality and continue to grow?

What old beliefs, old memories, negative emotions, pictures in your head, stories you’re telling yourself are you carrying around as baggage?

What are you tolerating?
What about: Incomplete tasks, frustrations, poor processes and procedures, unresolved issues or problems, other people’s or your own behaviour, clutter, ‘shoulds’, unmet needs, crossed boundaries, poor morale, overdue bills or invoices, outdated design, guilt, exercise/eating/sleep habits, office cleanliness/tidiness, undone filing, indecision, procrastination etc…

These just drain you.

Be more effective and productive and happy by shedding them.

In the comments below – give us your tips on ‘decluttering’ and ‘shedding’ that work for you!

AND, if you’d like help, message me about our upcoming online workshop or personalised 1-1 coaching program.

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