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The 4th Essential Leadership Quality that HBR authors Goffee & Jones claim is vital for truly inspirational leaders is that they Reveal their Differences.

Phenomenal leaders capitalise on what’s unique about themselves.

Think of a leader you admire.

What about them stands out?

What is different?

Is it how they look, how they dress, how they hold themselves?

Is it something they dare say?

Is it in their strongly held belief?

Is it in the emotions they express?

Is it something they do?

Leveraging what is unique about yourself can be so powerful. It sets you apart as a leader. It engenders trust and motivates others.

Especially if you distinguish yourself through qualities like your beliefs, your imagination, your ideas, your expertise, your empathy, your loyalty, your advocacy, your curiosity… for example.

A subtle reminder: whatever that unique quality it, once you are aware of it, communicate it.

Communicate what it is that sets you apart.

And of course, be aware of ‘over-differentiating’ yourself. Beware of potentially displaying aloofness or arrogance. You want to ensure that you retain the ability to be connected and to show true empathy and inspire others.

What are your unique leadership strengths?

How can you express them in support of those who follow you?

How could this impact cohesion, productivity and results?

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