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Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my business (and life).

Naturally, being a coach, I go to the strategies that people like Simon Sinek tout… and look at the big picture, the vision, or the “Why”.

But I’ve learned, there is so much more!

Looking at #leadership, the interplay between vision, goals, intention, AND tension, creates a powerful framework for success.

Here are some thoughts about these concepts, or dare I say, driving forces:

🌟 Vision is the big picture or long-term destination. It’s an overarching, aspirational view of what you want to achieve in the future. Vision is broad and inspiring, providing direction and purpose. It’s your ultimate “why.”

As you know, a compelling vision unites teams, ignites passion and keeps us moving forward, even in the face of challenges. It is the ultimate destination that makes the journey worthwhile.

Example: “To create a sustainable, innovative company that positively impacts the world.”

✨ Intention is the mindset and commitment behind your actions. It’s the spark. It’s the deliberate focus and purpose that guide your daily efforts.

Intention is internally driven, reflecting your values and desires. It’s the clear, focused energy that sets everything in motion. It’s the “how” that guides your behaviour and decisions with purpose and clarity. When we lead with intention, we inspire those around us to move in alignment with our values.

Example: “To approach every project with creativity and integrity.”

🎯 Goals are the specific, measurable targets you set to achieve your vision. They give you direction and break down your vision and intention into actionable steps, providing milestones for progress.

So, goals are the “what”. They give structure to our efforts and help keep us focused and motivated, turning intention into tangible achievements.

Example: “To increase revenue by 20% in the next fiscal year.”

💥  Tension, often seen as negative, is actually a crucial component of growth. Tension is the catalyst. It’s the space between where we are and where we want to be. It’s the creative force that challenges us to stretch beyond our comfort zones.

Sitting with the tension means recognising that growth often comes from moments of discomfort. Knowing that this tension is normal, fuels our progress beyond our comfort zones.

Together, these elements create a dynamic and effective leadership approach. Whether that’s leading your team, your business, or your Self.

By setting clear intentions, embracing tension, defining actionable goals, and holding a compelling vision, we can achieve phenomenal outcomes.

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