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In Australia, there’s a prevailing societal attitude that occurs when people are resented, disliked or criticised due to their successes. Counterintuitive to the ideas of celebrating achievements and lifting one another up, it has continued over time…

(I actually read an inspirational book about successful women decades ago called “Tall Poppies”)

So, there’s this unspoken belief that if you’re a Tall Poppy, you’re at risk of being ‘cut down’.

Hence, the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’

Many of my clients are held back by this invisible ‘syndrome’ inside them.

Sometimes they are aware of it, sometimes not.

So, how do you have Self-Belief and Trust despite this inner belief and fear of what people will think or say about you?

1. Acknowledge and Appreciate Your Uniqueness: Everyone is unique. Everyone. Self-belief is a continuous journey. Reflect on your experiences, wins, and challenges. Each step contributes to your growth and your value in the world.

2. Invest in Self-Discovery: Take time to understand your purpose, strengths, passions, and values. Investing in self-discovery aligns your professional journey with your authentic self. This clarity becomes the foundation for unwavering self-belief.

3. Celebrate Your Achievements: Seriously. This is one that’s sometimes hard for us – especially where humbleness and egalitarianism reigns. Deliberately recognise ALL of your successes. Business leaders often focus on the next goal without celebrating milestones and wins. Celebrating builds confidence and reinforces self-trust. (Tip: when writing your goals – at the same time, write how you will celebrate achieving each of them!)

4. Cultivate a Supportive Network: Surround yourself with people that believe in what you believe and see your potential. Seek coaches, mentors, peers, and friends who uplift and inspire. Feel like you belong.

5. Continuous Learning: Be curious, grow, evolve and ‘keen as mustard’ (another Aussie saying!) Investing in yourself has a 100% guarantee on return. This enhances your personal and professional capabilities and confidence, reinforces the belief in your adaptability and resilience.

6. Trust your Intuition: Incorporate mindfulness into your routine. Whether through meditation, gratitude journaling, or mindful activities, these practices foster self-awareness, help you know what you know, and trust what your heart wants.

In leadership, 80% is an inside job.

Confidence, self-belief and self-trust are paramount.

People will say whatever they say.

How beautiful is the Tall Poppy?

And… please reach out if I can support you in some way to keep rising Tall.

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