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As I wrote yesterday, in his research, Daniel Goleman has found that the most effective leaders are alike in one crucial way: they all have a high degree of Emotional Intelligence.

He describes 5 key skills of EQ that enable the best leaders to maximise their own and others’ performance:

Self Awareness

Self Regulation



Social Skills

Self-Awareness can be defined as knowing one’s emotions, strengths, weaknesses, needs, drives, values and goals – AND their IMPACT on others.

In the workplace this includes the ability to recognise and understand our moods, emotions, triggers and drivers.

You know how your feelings affect you, other people, and your job performance.

You also know your purpose, your values, your why.

So you make decisions and take actions based on your principles and the bigger picture.

You have self-confidence.

You are congruent.

You are authentic.

Strategies to increase our self-awareness include:

  • Asking for feedback about what situations bring out the best and worst in us (e.g., tight deadlines, conflicting demands, when our plans are questioned)
  • Knowing when we may be more reactive (e.g., when we’re tired or hungry)
  • Find a trusted colleague to observe you in meetings or other interactions and give you feedback on how you show up
  • Work with a coach to help you build the skill of self-awareness.

“Know thyself”

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