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Thinking About Change – Ecdysis

This morning I listened to a podcast where author of the ‘Shed or your Dead’ series Kathy Dempsey was being interviewed regarding her philosophy on revolutionary change management.

She described the origin of this concept – a friend’s lizard died because it did not shed its skin.

That took me back to my school-biology-days and I remembered that if they didn’t shed even a piece of their skin they could not grow and may even lose an appendage.

So the question is, what do you need to shed to grow?
What do you need to let go of to change?
What do you need to discard that is holding you back?

Do you need to declutter your home?
Do you need to actually DO the TO DO list?
Do you have a bad movie playing in your head about a memory in the past?
Do you have a ‘thought loop’ going round and round in your mind like being on the hamster wheel going nowhere?
Do you have some limiting beliefs that hold you back?

What can you do about it?
Perhaps start by asking for help.
Perhaps talk to a coach.
Sign up for a personal growth seminar or training.
Decide now to take action and shed something.

Genevieve Lai and I will be running an online weekend workshop on November 13th and 14th which will help you shed negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past, step into your new skin and start creating the magnificent future you really want!

Message me for more information.

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