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“You are in integrity when the life you are living on the outside matches who you are on the inside.”
~ Alan Cohen
(Author of A Course in Miracles Made Easy among many other books)

It breaks my heart when I meet people who aren’t quite living the life they know they are capable of.

I hear them say things like:
– When I catch up on all the emails and work, then I will…
– When the kids leave school, then I will….
– When I am healthy, then I will…
– When I retire, then I will
– When I have time, then I will…

I see them.
If this is you, I see you.

I’ve been there. (I was emotionally suffering)
My partner has been there. (He was emotionally suffering)
My father was there. (He was emotionally suffering and then he died before he made retirement.)

Life is short, they say.
But do they do anything different?

I say, in order for something to change, you must change something.
Sometimes that’s not easy.
Sometimes it feels like you’re all alone.
Be willing to do something different.
Be willing to ask for help.
Asking for what you want is a #leadershipskill

Here is my puppy modelling asking for what she wants.
You can ask me too.

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