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Did you ever think after a meeting, or a business interaction, “well, that’s an hour I’ll never get back?”

I believe that we have a couple of precious resources – time and energy.

Once expended, we can’t get it back.

So, therefore, it seems important to spend your time and energy on things that you feel happy about, that are aligned with your purpose, that light you up, that make a meaningful difference.

How do you know if you’re on track?
If you’re doing things that indicate you are on purpose?

Here’s a acronym method that may help: T.I.M.E.

T = What do you spend your Time on? Consider this. It’s often either something that’s important to you, or, you feel obligated to do.

I = How do you feel Inspired? What inspires you often indicates your zone of genius, your superpower!

M = Money. What you spend your money on often indicates what’s important to you.

E = Energy. What gives you energy? What energises you? This may be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Do more of this.

It’s simple. The more we spend time on doing the things that are important to us, the more fulfilled and happy we’ll be. The more we will love our whole life.

If you want to know how I can support you more, please message or email me: marli@marliwatt.com

If you have time on the weekend of May 18 and 19, join my colleague Genevieve Lai as we show you how to clearly identify what’s important in your life, clear out inner mind blocks and resistances in your way and achieve your goals the way you want them!

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