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Recently I asked one of my clients – a senior executive leader in a healthcare organisation – why didn’t they quit when they really wanted to?

They had been struggling with feeling overwhelmingly busy, a constricting economic situation, still feeling the tiredness and ‘trauma’ of getting through COVID, AND trying their best to be positive and inspirational when a significant number of the staff had resigned with burnout.

The path of a healthcare leader is a demanding one, often filled with moments that test our resolve. It seems now is the most demanding time in our history to be in that role!

With permission, this is a summary of the response:

The answer lies in how I see my purpose in life, my inner values and how they drive my passion and get me out of bed each day…  and of course, with the invaluable support I received from my coach!

Catalysing Change: I see that we healthcare leaders can drive transformative change. The impact my team and I can make on patient care and health outcomes – as well as on community wellbeing – keeps me committed. My coach helped me channel this passion into a clear vision.

Learning for Impact: Every challenge became an opportunity for learning, adaptation, and innovation. My coach played a pivotal role in helping me extract valuable lessons from adversity, ensuring that quitting was only one of an infinite number of options!

Nurturing Growth: Just like a seed needs time to push through the earth, let alone flourish, our efforts as healthcare leaders require patience. With my coach’s guidance, I learned to nurture the growth of myself, my teams and organisation, recognising that enduring results often require time and dedication.

Resilience in Adversity: Healthcare is always ever-evolving, with unforeseen obstacles and uncertainties. COVID certainly showed us that! Talking with my coach was like a safe space for me to just be me. She helped me discover my inner resilience, resourcefulness and strategies to overcome these obstacles. I came to understand that obstacles are my friends – they mean I’m actually on the path to achieving something! My coach’s guidance was instrumental on this journey.

Having a coach who understood the unique challenges of healthcare leadership was also a game-changer. She provided me with the support, strategies, and perspective needed to navigate where I am – and how I got there – and where I’m going.

Share below – Who has been your source of support and inspiration in your leadership journey when things get tough?

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