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In his podcast, Coaching for Leaders, Dave Stachowiak always asks his guest this question, or something along those lines!

I love listening to the various perspectives offered.

Of course, many of us women know that it is our prerogative to be able to change our minds 😉 😉 … but I find that not all of us realise that we CAN and how BENEFICIAL it is to do so!

I believe, as humans, we have the capacity to be first be consciously aware and then choose to regulate what is happening inside our minds.

And there’s actually an increasing body of neuro-scientific and neuro-cognitive research that shows we can. Just Google neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

Anyway, our mindset is not permanent.
We can learn and grow.
We can change our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and more.

So, what are the BENEFITS of changing your mind?

Off the top of my mind, some benefits include personal and professional learning and growth, changing my emotional state (i.e., feeling better), finding solutions, adapting to change, self-empowerment to make choices, and dreaming about possibilities.

Tell me –
What have you changed your mind about over the past year?
How has that helped you in your work and life?

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