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Did fear ever hold you back from doing what you secretly wanted to do most?

Does fear cause you to be stuck… so there is no progress in your business or career or relationships or health or balance in your life?

Fear is a problem because it often stops us from taking action… and action is what gets us our results.

What is Fear?

I like to define it as just an emotion.
Yes, it is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.
But … are we really at threat of danger, pain or harm whenever we experience fear?

Most of our fears are a mental construct of what we’re telling ourself… it is often something like… “What if this happens…” or “What if that happens” (This and that being undesirable outcomes)

This construct of fear loops around in our mind and we stay stuck in our comfort zone.

Tips to Stop Fear:
·       Awareness – be consciously aware of what you are feeling and the associated thoughts / mindset. Sometimes this is enough.
·       Change the What if … followed by a negative statement, and say “What if…” followed by a positive statement – change the story and change how you feel. E.g., What if I fail? to What if I succeed?
·       Rational evaluation of reality – what could go wrong and how would you manage that? What could go right and how would you manage that?
·       Step out of comfort zone just a bit… when you step out of your comfort zone, it expands. So take a tiny action step…
·       Connect with something that’s bigger than the fear… E.g., your bigger commitment to serve people, to drive an innovative solution etc
·       Get a coach!

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