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It’s OK to feel your emotions.
Your emotions are valid.
All emotions are normal, natural, needed.

The other day I drove 6 hours to go a relative’s funeral.
Last week was my step-father’s funeral.
In addition, in the past couple of years, a number of my family and friends passed away, including my beloved dog. I also lost my job, my ‘secure’ income, my team, and like many, some lifestyle freedoms with extended lockdowns.

I know that I am not alone with experiencing loss.

As I was driving today, I was listening to a book, which had a chapter on grief.

One simple sentence I found very comforting was:

“Grieve as long as you need to, and as deeply as you need to.”

I’m posting this because I hope that it helps at least one other person who reads it.

I believe every emotion has a purpose.
For me, grief is an act of love.

And know that if you feel you need support in processing your emotions, reach out to someone that you can trust. There are people, and organisations, that care and want to help.

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