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Inspirational Leadership Qualities…

Yesterday I posed the question: Why Would Anyone Want To Be Led By You?

Expanding on the 4 Essential Leadership Qualities that HBR authors Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones claim are important for truly inspirational leaders:

1. They selectively show their weaknesses
2. They rely heavily on intuition
3. They manage employees with “tough empathy”
4. They reveal their unique differences

Let’s take a look at the first: Inspirational leaders selectively show their weaknesses.

This is about #vulnerability.

By showing some vulnerability – with thoughtful, selective intention – these leaders reveal their humanity and approachability.

So when people reveal their weaknesses, they show us who they are. That they are real people. With real emotions. With real issues and challenges. With a real life.

I think that realising that a leader is human too… I can relate to them better. I feel better about myself. I have confidence that if they could get to where they are, I could too. I can see where they are like me.

So that builds trust.

When you have trust, you are more likely to have collaborators on board with you. This environment of collaboration and trust makes communication easier. It increase a sense of team and solidarity and support.

Sharing our imperfections also underscores our authenticity.
It shows integrity. Our humanness.

Remember this is a skill.
It’s important to be considered and selective and honest.

What is your experience with sharing vulnerabilities?

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