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As a leader navigating the vast sea of life’s waters, we often suddenly remember that we are the skippers of our own boats!
Yet, as I often say – and remind myself – what truly defines us is not just the smooth sailing days, but how we weather the storms when they inevitably arise.
So, when bad weather hits our sails—whether it’s in the form of unexpected challenges, setbacks, or crises, feelings of uncertainty or discouragement —it’s crucial to stay grounded and maintain our leadership stance.
Here are three principles to stay captain of your ship and #Step Into Your Power when faced with turbulent waters:
1. Stay Calm and Centred: Like a sturdy vessel built to withstand rough seas, learn to cultivate resilience within yourself. When challenges arise, acknowledge them, but don’t let them shake your core. Instead, lean into your inner strength and determination to navigate through the storm. As a leader, maintaining a calm and composed demeanor is paramount. Get into your best state possible to that you can approach challenges with a level head, allowing for rational decision-making.
2. Adapt and Course Correct: Like adjusting the sails to navigate changing winds, as leaders you must be adaptable and flexible in your approach. When confronted with obstacles, it’s essential to reassess the situation, recalibrate strategies, and pivot when necessary to stay on course toward your goals. Maintain a clear vision of your destination. Take stock of your goals and values, and use them as your North Star to guide your decisions.
3. Empower Your Crew: A true leader knows that they’re not alone. Surround yourself with a supportive crew who shares your vision and values. Communicate effectively, delegate responsibilities, and trust in the expertise of your team. Together, you can navigate any storm and emerge stronger on the other side.
So, when bad weather hits your sails, remember that you are the captain of your own ship.
In the end, being the skipper of your own boat isn’t just about navigating the smooth waters; it’s about mastering the storms and emerging stronger on the other side. By staying true to your leadership principles, accepting that storms are part of the course, build up your skillset and truly empower your team, you can not only weather the storm but emerge as a stronger and more capable leader.

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