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Did you hear the one about the Zombie and Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist had a patient who was firmly convinced he was a zombie. The patient didn’t understand why he had to see the psychiatrist. He just knew it. It was the truth. He was a zombie. It was a true belief. His whole life was invested in walking around doing zombie things.

The psychiatrist was perplexed. He had tried all his psychotherapeutic procedures to cure him of this problem.

He tried rationalising with him… if you’re a zombie, you’re dead so you can’t talk… Of course zombies can talk. But if you’re dead, how can you walk? Of course zombies walk… that’s what we do, we walk like zombies!

Finally, the psychiatrist had an idea… a little ‘out there’ in today’s standards of medical care but he tried it anyway…

He said, if you’re dead, do zombies bleed? The zombie thought for a moment and said, of course not, I’m a zombie and zombies don’t bleed. So the psychiatrist got a pin and pricked the patient’s thumb. And there was a drop of blood.

The patient looked astounded…and said: Wow, look at that, zombies do bleed!

Questions for you:
How wrapped up are you in your problem?
How tightly do you hold your beliefs?
How many of your actions are you doing on ‘auto-zombie’ mode?

Could you do with a change?
Could you lose some limiting beliefs?
Could you be truly in control of your actions and results?

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