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If you have been reading along with these posts and taking the actions suggested, you now have 4 lists – of what you want & don’t have, want & have, don’t want & have, don’t have & don’t want

The list that draws your attention, or is the longest, or makes most sense to you may give you an indication of your ‘motivation’ direction: whether, at this point in time, you are more likely to gain motivation (and therefore get off procrastination or being stuck) by moving ‘away from’ want you don’t have or don’t want in your life, compared with going ‘towards’ something different

After contemplating the answer to this question:
choose ONE THING from your lists, right now, that could make a difference to your life NOW

What small action could you take to start moving in that direction?

Say, for example, you want to start the day in a great mood. (Just imagine what difference that might make!) What could you do to achieve that? Could you go to bed a little bit earlier the night before? Could you plan what you’re going to do in the morning the night before? Lay out your exercise clothes ready? Have coffee timed to brew? A warm rug for your meditation?

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