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I recently learned that in the fascinating world of orcas, leadership isn’t defined by physical prowess and power, but by wisdom and experience.

Post-menopausal female orcas, the matriarchs, lead their pods with unparalleled grace and intelligence, guiding their families through the vast oceans.

These matriarchs are revered and respected, their wisdom crucial for the survival and success of their pods. They know the best hunting grounds, understand complex social structures, and navigate uncertain waters with an intuitive sense honed over decades.

I believe their leadership actually transcends age and gender… demonstrating profound insights, knowledge and strength, ensuring the pod remains cohesive and resilient and thrives in the face of challenges.

We can (and I believe we must) learn from the orcas’ example, recognising and respecting the indispensable contributions of seasoned leaders. Be open to learning from the depth of their experience.

For each of you, as leaders in the professional world, know that you can draw on your own wealth of experience to guide and inspire those that you lead and serve.

For all of us, it’s a reminder that our journeys are enriched by the diverse perspectives and wisdom of all, especially those who’ve navigated through life’s various stages.

It’s a call to action for us to honour and integrate the wisdom of older leaders in our professional and personal lives, ensuring their voices are heard and their insights respected. To celebrate the power of wisdom and the importance of valuing all voices, especially those who’ve navigated life’s diverse challenges. Whether in the ocean or our businesses and workplaces, the experience and knowledge of seasoned leaders are indispensable.

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