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Everyone knows the saying: “You’ve got to learn from your mistakes” but how do you actually do that?

I do believe that learning from ‘mis-takes’ is a crucial aspect of personal and professional growth.

However, it’s not always that easy in reality, is it?

It feels bad, uncomfortable. There’s a sting.
We can take our failures, errors of judgement and mistakes personally.
And then we say things to ourselves that often make us our own worst enemy – boy, is that inner critic harsh sometimes!

Look, in leadership – and life – we are always doing the best we can with what we know, the information available, the situation we find ourselves in, the tools, time and resources we have.

So, you make a mistake.
You are in good company… and remember, a great sailor is not made in the safe harbour…

Here are some tips for you to learn and maybe do it differently next time:
– Stop.
– Breathe.
– Think.
Take a moment to reflect on the situation. What went wrong, and why?
Acknowledge the error, take accountability for it.

– Think.
How can you reframe the event as a good thing?

(Our minds are meaning-making machines – so how can we make this mean something beneficial?)
For example:
“Now I know another way not to make a light bulb”
“Now I know that way isn’t productive – I’ll let my team know!”
“Now I know how to communicate my ideas better”
“Next time, I’ll ask for help before I lift that!”
“Next time, I’ll look before I leap!”
“Oh, another opportunity for me to evolve!”

– Adapt and Apply.
Use the insights gained from your mistakes to adapt your strategies and approaches. Refine your leadership style, increase your resilience and transform your likelihood of future successful outcomes.

– Share & Collaborate.
Share your learnings with your colleagues and teams. Collaborate on solutions. Implement innovative actions to get better results together!

Remember, success isn’t about avoiding mistakes but about learning from them. All failure is just information, learning, feedback.

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