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The Individualist, Strategist and Alchemist are the terms given to the most effective and productive Leadership Action Logics in the HBR article on 7 Transformations of Leadership.

In previous posts, I outlined the other categories: Opportunist, Diplomat, Expert and Achiever.

These 3 thinking styles accounted for a total of 15% of all leaders in that research.

The Individualist (10%) action logic makes them effective in venture and consulting roles. They deftly interweave competing personal and organisational personalities and ways of relating and can create unique frameworks to bridge gaps between strategy and performance. A down-side may be that these leaders tend to ignore ‘rules’ they believe are irrelevant or not useful – which can cause irritations to those they work with.

Strategist leadership mindset (4%) are transformational leaders – able to generate both personal and organisational transformations. They are masterful communicators and adept at creating shared visions. Their approach blends curiosity, mutual inquiry, vigilance and vulnerability, they comfortably handle conflict and see the big picture over the short, medium and long terms.

Alchemists (1%) are effective at leading and generating social / society-wide transformations, integrating physical, operational, spiritual and societal transformation. What sets them apart is their ability to renew or even reinvent themselves and their organisations in historically significant ways. Think Nelson Mandela as an example.

Evolving as a Leader – transitioning from one Action Logic style to the next is what I’ll explore in the next instalment!!
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