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Previously I outlined different Leadership Action Logics described in HBR article 7 Transformations of Leadership

The research showed there are a number of ways you can evolve your leadership mindset.

Often this starts with inner self-awareness eg questioning the system, feeling bored, irritable, burnout, depression, even anger.

I believe ALL emotions have a purpose: they’re a signal.

What signals are you experiencing now?

Another indication of a leader’s readiness to transform is an increasing attraction to the qualities of leaders with more effective action logics. The ready-to-transform leader may develop new relationships, explore new forms of spiritual practice, mindfulness & self-expression, eg taking up a creative hobby or meditation.

External events can also trigger & support transformation. A promotion, restructure or M&A may give a leader the opportunity to expand their capabilities. Changes to work practices & environment can also facilitate transformation. Post-CoVID?

How can leaders transform their Action Logic?

– Know where you are now – what’s your current action logic?

– Clarify where the next level is – what does it look like?

– Understand what mindset, skills & capabilities are required

– Decide what you need to do to achieve those

– Take the first action step!

AND get a Leadership Coach!

More specifical actions:

From Expert to Achiever transition remains one of the most painful bottlenecks in most organisations. Doctors, lawyers & other professionals whose Expert success often sees them promoted with managerial duties only to estrange them from the work they love.

Management programs like “Management by Objectives,” “Effective Delegation,” & “Managing People for Results” are helpful.

A Leadership Coach can be an invaluable support.

From Achiever to Individualist – requires self-awareness as well as a greater awareness of other worldviews.

The developing Individualist needs to reflect on their goals with the aim of improving future goals. Development plans that set new goals, focusing on new ways of working and communicating, are generated through probing and trusting conversation & actively supported through Executive Coaching.

To Strategist and Beyond – leaders at these levels will have mastered personal skills that make them effective within existing organisations. Leaders now need to explore the disciplines & commitments entailed in creating projects, teams, networks, strategic alliances & whole organisations, on the basis of collaborative inquiry.

Actions such as mutual mentoring with peers, Mastermind groups, education & development programs in which participants act challenge their conventional assumptions about leading and organizing are very effective. Interestingly, many people at these levels have had the transformative power of a life-altering event, such as a career or existential crisis!

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